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Tue Aug 21 23:59:51 CDT 2001

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Subject: RE: [thelist] Image Robot or other image batch processing tool
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 12:47:43 -0700

Also in terms of scanners I am scanning images for a brochure at 600dpi
and outputting them to tiff and jpg files for the printer. I am pretty sure
is more than sufficient to get the job done, But has anyone been down this
road? Also in terms of scanning speed...

It takes an average of 2-4 minutes depending on the image size. I may have
exagerated a little but it does take quite a bit of time. I use the HP 5200c
scanner. It does good work but I don't have anything to compare against.

Can anyone advise on speed, accuracy, and easy of use in this area? I am
currently using someone else's scanner and will need to but one in the
near future.
Almost forgot! This is for web development work.

Thank You

If you are scanning images for the web only (not print work), 600dpi is too
much. That's why it takes so long. Most monitors are usually 72 or 96 pixels
and 100dpi will actually suffice. For a nice crispy photo tho' go to 150 or
200. Scanners are inexpensive if you don't need an industrial model, under
$100. Simple to use. Follow instructions.
For print/ink work, *ask* your printer, they are the ones that have to work
with the file. For printing out on your laser or bubble jet, it depends a
lot on the paper you use. Try a couple tests at the store and see how you
like em.

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