[thelist] Cookies help

Wed Aug 22 12:38:15 CDT 2001

How can I set multiple values within a cookie?  How can I access them?

I'm thinking I would onload="getCookie(daCookie)" and then set fields in
the form from this data.  Then the part of the submission functionality
(after validation) would set the cookie again (in case they changed their
email, etc.)

I ask because I want to store form data in a cookie so if the user comes
back, the form is auto-populated with their email, etc.  The form is for
requesting information so we need to gather info from the user, but they
may request it more than once.

I'm looking at the webmonkey cookie archive:
but it looks like I would have to set separate cookies for each value.

Maybe I would set one value with delimited values in it, and then create an
array from that...

Any ideas?


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