[thelist] ASP variables from user form

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Wed Aug 22 15:05:35 CDT 2001

For an intranet application, I'm gathering data from an online form for
input to SQL. Many of the values required for the database are static (for
now) so the form is just for the dynamic info.

I can set the values of the static info three places that I can think of:
1. On the form page, then pass it to the action page
2. On the action page, as the value of a string to be passed to the SQL
insert command
3. In the SQL insert command itself

Does it matter where this happens? For future changes, I figured it would
make more sense to build it as it should be, then add the necessary fields
to the form as they become dynamic; but that means passing a small amount
(eight or ten fields, most of them Boolean) of useless data between the
pages. This is a small db and won't be used by more than three people
simultaneously in the foreseeable future.


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