[thelist] Web hosting on a different port (or, defeating Excite at Home at it's own game)

Michael Buffington mike at stirlingbridge.com
Wed Aug 22 15:56:31 CDT 2001

As some of you might know Excite at Home is blocking any traffic on the default
web ports 80 & 81 going to it's customers. Now, with that said, consider the

I set up my DNS to forward to a new URL and port whenever the plain
www.michaelbuffington.com address is typed in. On my cheesy text diagnosis
browser HTML Debug 1.0, I can type in the above URL and I get the site, full
HTML is returned no problem.

In any other browser, no dice.

Any ideas on how to automatically forward someone to a new port, without
ever having to rely on users coming in on port 80?

I'm also thinking of pointing my DNS to a different host outside of
Excite at Home's control, and then forwarding users to
web.michaelbuffington.com:2001 or something like that (maintaining the port
in all links on my site).

Any help would be great, I'm getting a lot of "Hey where's your site" mail,
need to do something about it.

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