[thelist] Fonts (was: a pixel is a pixel.....right?)

Wade Armstrong wade at runstrong.com
Wed Aug 22 19:16:16 CDT 2001

That's a fascinating article, not least because his survey had a pretty high
number of respondents.

These folks: http://hubel.sfasu.edu/research/text_display_lvs.html
have a bunch of really interesting studies on the same topic. While their
decision to use green type on a yellow background for their site may be
debatable, their experimental design is quite good.

See especially http://hubel.sfasu.edu/research/AHNCUR.html on font and color


on 8/22/01 4:10 PM, matthew garrett at matthew.garrett at snet.net wrote:

> I got this link from someone else on thelist:
> http://www.wilsonweb.com/wmt6/html-email-fonts.htm
> It has results of a usability study based on size *and* font. The font makes
> a *huge* difference when comparing sizes.
> matt

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