[thelist] Image Robot or other image batch processing tool

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Wed Aug 22 21:29:14 CDT 2001

I also use IR for resampling, but we were looking for something less
expensive than PhotoShop (can you buy ImageReady alone?)

Someone on the list pointed me to ImageMagick (which should have its
spelling repaired) which is a FREE (as in FREE) command line utility which
works a treat. For me, at least. I have yet to hear from the engineer who
wanted Image Robot.

ImageMagick can apparently be scripted (since it's command line) so you
could do lots of funky things with the same file and save each as a
different name. It includes lots of auto-renaming schema as well.


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> spinhead wrote:
> > Any opinions on Image Robot? http://www.jasc.com/product.asp?pf_id=011
> I have used it for a few years and like it.  You can get a 30-day
> demo from the JASC site (only limitation that I can see is that
> it'll only process 5 files at a time).
> I like the patch for 1.2 as it adds "overlay watermark" as one of
> the new commands.
> > We're specifically looking for a cost effective alternative to PhotoShop
> > folks who only need to batch process existing graphics, primarily with a
> > view to size optimization.
> What do you mean by size optimization?  I main use for IR is to
> process images to resize (resample), sharpen and save as JPGs.
> The IR resample command will let you resize the dimensions of
> images and pick a compression level (if JPG).  I'd prefer to
> enter a max file size (in KB) and for IR to figure out the
> lowest compression level.
> When one file is used to create multiple output files you're
> stuck with the same filename, though.  Is this true of other
> image batch processing apps?
> Paola

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