[thelist] Browser Plug-Ins - No More Standard?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Thu Aug 23 08:25:06 CDT 2001

Hi Gang,

I'm still trying to get the details and a better understanding of what the
implications might be and thought some of the regulars here might have some
ideas or some info I don't have yet.

I received a spam-o-gram from the support group of a software company whose
product I use quite a bit on a daily basis to develop 'Intranet-enabled'
reports.  [Their reporting system requires my users to have their browser
plug-in in order to work with my reports.]  

 From what little I can gather it sounds like "back in the day" third party
software houses developed their plug-in to work with Netscape.  The issue
seems to be that IE has (until now) always honored or at least played-nice
with Netscape-style plug-ins.

This softare vendor is crying 'foul' claiming that MS "jumped the gun" and
cut support for the 'Netscape-style' plug-ins prematurely:

Has anybody else heard anything about this?   Any idea how many other
"plug-in" vendors might be affected or IF they are affected?  {e.g. Is my
vendor 'lazy' and everyone else knew this was coming and took care of
business --- or was this a 'surprise' to everyone?}



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