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I was able to find this in the Forums:


Specifically, this message should help you:

The vspider program is invoked from the command-line (and there are a host
of other programs associated with it). Syntax is:

vspider [-start | -refresh] -collection collectionname [options]

One of the available options is -prefixmap, which sounds like what you

The issue that stopped us isn't the prefixmap, though - vspider built the
collection, and we verified it had searchable content with other verity
command-line tools. Problem is that the CF Server isn't recognizing any of
the fields that are generated in the vspider-generated collection. In
retrospect, I think it might be possible to create a custom tag that calls
the command-line search-tool and dumps the results to a file that can then
be picked up by CF, but that doesn't sound like a practical alternative (for
us, at least) when the "stock" verity interface allows collections to be set
up and maintained with a few clicks here and there. The main reason we were
looking at vspider as an option was in an effort to automate collection
generation and maintenance while filtering out some of the files in our site
directory-tree that we didn't want to have appearing in the search-results.

If you've got CF 5.0, the verity command-line tools documentation starts on
page 148.

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> Greetings!
> I recently re-built a Web site and have set it up to include a
> header file
> that reads a variable from the content to get the title of the
> page. Before
> I went too far with that, I setup a Verity search for one of the
> folders of
> the site. When I get my result set from the search, the pages do
> not return
> the title of the document because it was not indexed as if it had been
> loaded in a browser. I was not sure that the Verity engine worked
> that way,
> and the documentation for 5 is not very clear on that aspect. Before I go
> back and re-do the way these pages are built, is there something
> I missed?
> Is there a switch I can flip that makes Verity spider the pages as if it
> followed a link and therefore generate the titles for the pages?
> I don't think it's a K2 server issue, the docs mention a "Verity Zone
> Filter" (page 271). I can't find any other mention of that so I'm not
> perfectly clear on what it is.

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