[thelist] Hanging indent

Raymond Camden jedimaster at macromedia.com
Thu Aug 23 09:29:58 CDT 2001

> >Oops, sorry about that.
> *** I WAS KIDDING ***
> ray, i understand you will be presenting at a cold fusion conference in
> toronto
> let me buy you a beer while you're in town, okay? please?

Trust me, I wasn't upset. Let's not go into a round of "I'm sorry... no, I'm
sorry... no, IM sorry." ;) It was more an explanation of why I responded
oddly to the guys email, ie, he was asking for help, and I thought he was
saying, "look at this cool thing on the page..."

But... you _still_ can buy me a beer if you want. ;)


two tips below..

<tip type="Cold Fusion" Author="Raymond Camden">
Building a complex structure using arrays and structs? Consider writing a
UDF. Consider the following example, assume all code is inside a cfscript

	function newType(name,type) {
		var s = structNew();
		s.name = name;
		s.type = type;
		return s;

	myFields = ArrayNew(1);
	//and so on...

<tip type="Cold Fusion" Author="Raymond Camden">
	Hate typing WriteOutput in CFSCRIPT? Make a shorter UDF out of it!

	function print(s) { WriteOutput(s); return true; }

	x = 1;

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