[thelist] mht archives

Joshua Olson joshua at alphashop.net
Thu Aug 23 12:42:28 CDT 2001

I just tried to save a page to this format, and by and large it looks like
it's just saving the page as an HTML email, with the images encoded in the
multipart document.

So, this would imply that other browsers would not be able to open the
document, whereas mail readers may be able to.  To test it out, I changed
the extension to .eml, and Outlook read it just fine.



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From: "Villano, Paul" <VillanoP at usachcs.army.mil>
Subject: [thelist] mht archives

: One of the saving options for web pages in my browser (IE 5.5) is as .mht
: files ("web archives" with all links in a single file).  Are these as
: generic as .htm files or just an MS thing?  Will all/most browsers be able
: to open these files or will they crash? Am I better off just saving the
: pages as .htm and risk the broken links?
: Thanks in advance for any advice.

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