[thelist] Creating Clients

Gord Grisenthwaite sparky_t at telus.net
Thu Aug 23 13:18:31 CDT 2001

Hey, Paola:

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My attitude is: never gamble next month's pay cheque(check).  And a
statement given by a marketing professional still echoes: know what
you're worth.  My experience is that if you *start* a project in a
weak position, even if self-inflicted, you undermine your credibility
and make it harder to charge sensibly later on.
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For he most part I agree. I have made and will only make this offer to sites
that I believe have the potential to generate revenue. One way to see this
business solution is as an Application Service Provider with a twist. How
viable it would be except in small niche markets is a mystery to me, and I
don't want to go there, really. I have a very specific plan, but there are
intangibles, not the least of which is protecting my intellectual
properties. It's not an easy path I've chosen to plow, but it's something I
believe in.

Gord Grisenthwaite

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