[thelist] flash weirdness

Valerie L Walker wholebody at sfo.com
Thu Aug 23 13:47:34 CDT 2001

hi listies--

i have a flash 5  class project up at
and for some unknown reason it doesn't animate in either IE or NN. i'm on a
mac, and my local machine version animates just fine in both. also it works
fine on a pc.

what's supposed to happen is that onRollover the letters for each button
should spin at varied rates of speed for each button, and onPress it should
bring up a separate url in a new window, for each button. the urls are
coming up, but in back, not in front of the swf page. and when i access the
file on my mac, the button labels don't spin on rollover.

could someone check it on a mac for me, please? it's my final class
assignment and is due on the 26th.

flash: it's a good idea to have a separate actions layer in your flash
movie, placed as the topmost layer. that way you can keep track of all your
actions, no matter what layer they affect, and avoid duplicates or needless
actions (like "play" at the beginning). </tip>

Valerie Walker


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