[thelist] CF Advanced Security & NT Domains

Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Thu Aug 23 22:42:53 CDT 2001


I would like to point out that the documentation for CF5 is INCORRECT, on page 94, Chapter 5, of the 'Advanced ColdFusion Administration' manual, where it says you can map proprietary database structures to the SiteMinder security model by modifying the SmDsQuery.ini file located in the cfusion\bin directory.

Not only is the file not there, but creating it does no good.  It appears that starting with CF5, the SQL actually needs to be entered into the tiny little text input boxes on the advanced security user directory 'add/edit' form (which, by the way, is a pain in the ass to use and/or manage).  My guess is that now SiteMinder stores the actual queries themselves in it's own table structure.

Sorry to vent my spleen on y'all, just in my 16th straight hour with this and I still have about 4 more to go (post-deadline), so I guess my patience is running short.  

Hopefully some of this will spare other(s) some frustration and/or agony. :)


(somebody kill me please.)

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