[thelist] site check - liquid table prob

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Aug 24 00:37:19 CDT 2001

> I have a very perplexing situation with a site I am working on.

hi cayley

like finding the soap in the tub?

> I want the left side navigation bar to extend to the base of the page,
> and have put it into an elastic table with 100% height.  however, it is
> only expanding in IE5 Mac.  would CSS positioning help this?

no -- use either tables or css, but not both

don't re-do this page in css

here's how i see your problem

that table you mention with the 100% height, it's actually the third table
in the first column of the main table, which is the one after the top
table, which had a height of 78

anyhow, this table has the "bottom curve" of the nav bar as a valign=bottom
cell in a supposedly 100% high table with the blue image as table cell

aside: by the way, it looks fine the way it is, short like that -- the
white space under it actually brightens up the rest of the page, i find
dark solid colours down the side uninspiring

maybe what you meant was "100% of whatever's left at this point in
calculating the height of this particular cell," but it had better not mean
100% of the window or even 100% of this particular cell -- you can see why
browsers might not all interpret 100% the same way, or choose to ignore it

i'm sorry to say i don't know how to make your bottom image show up at the
bottom, but you could remove it altogether and let the nav bar background
image tile all the way to the bottom

but it looks fine the way it is, short like that


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