[thelist] bug in ie/nt with post method of form?

Hubert Vaudaux hubert-v at cyberscope.fr
Fri Aug 24 10:52:28 CDT 2001


Seen that one time, was a strange behavior of a form with file upload and 
When text paste from word with an unusual type of quotes (don't remember 
which one) in textarea, then the form did the same thiing as you with some 
values duplicate.
I didn't append with any normal text.
Solution i found was to put the file input at the first position of the 
form, and then
it works all time (test IE only i think).
Hope this helps



At 11:26 23/08/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Judah McAuley wrote:
> > At 11:17 AM 8/23/2001 -0700, .jeff wrote:
> > >if you notice, the fieldnames variable contains duplicates.  that made me
> > >suspect that it was coldfusion.  however, if it was, then why wouldn't 
> they
> > >all be doubled?  i'm guessing the duplicates come from the browser sending
> > >the same name more than once.  so, somehow some of the fields are being
> > >created more than once for this particular user.  i've tested and retested
> > >this form here with the same browser/os combination and haven't been 
> able to
> > >replicate the problem so it's definitely not a problem with the form 
> itself.
> > >
> > >anybody have any ideas?  anybody ever seen this before?
> >
> > Here's a shot in the dark:  Are they behind a proxy server?  It could be a
> > bad configuration or a dirty cache that is submitting some fields multiple
> > times.  That's a random guess though.
>I've seen some odd stuff happen with partially submitted forms which are
>then reloaded - like a half a submit + a submit? Maybe try submitting,
>doing a stop, the  n resubmitting to get the effect?
>That's another shot in the dark. :-)
>Good luck!
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