[thelist] help! client bought Photoshop!!

Rachell Coe rachell at coeville.com
Fri Aug 24 16:34:37 CDT 2001

Why are we all assuming that the client is going to totally muck things up
and so should be scared away?   True, they will probably make some beginner
errors, but we all had to learn sometime.  I'd like to know why they are
wanting to do this themselves?  Do they want to do their own graphics
because they love working with Photoshop?  Or are they thinking that by
doing this they will somehow save themselves time and/or money?

I can understand wanting to scare them off if they think that doing their
own graphics would save them time and/or money.  But if they genuinely want
to learn, (especially if I'm not even charging them for the service they
want to take over), I would bend over backwards to teach them.  And if I'm
the one teaching them, then how well they do would be a reflection of how
good a teacher I am.

If I'm off base here, or missed something than please let me know (but
please, not with a flame ;).

Thank you!

Rachell Coe
Bluhand Design LLC
(541) 607-1886

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A client is trying to say "I have Photoshop... tell me what to do and I can
add the images myself."  While I would love for them to do it themselves
(this is an internal client, it does not earn me any extra $$ to do it
myself), I know they will muck it up.  Not to worry about the HTML part...
they use an application we developed to update the site so they don't do
HTML.  But, they can paste an image in if they want.
So, now they've asked what are my requirements for images to go on the web.
I laugh, as my requirements are pretty tight... and now I have to dumb them
-cropped tightly
-does not push the total page size over 50K
-jpeg vs gif - has this been chosen correctly
-color pallette - as small as possible

Anybody care to add?  I will compile the list at the end and repost it.


p.s. sorry about this darn disclaimer... can't do anything about it

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