[thelist] I need more specific help on php/mysql stuff

Matt M Rasp hellguy at juno.com
Fri Aug 24 16:44:55 CDT 2001

> I noticed this good site www.darklegion.net
> has a good login system. If you notice when you click on
> Members it shows a list and displays the last time they have logged in.
> I'm doing my site in php and i think I've figured out a way to do it.
> I'm not sure though so could you all help me.
> i'm using php and mysql.
> i have an idea for making the days auto increment but i'm not sure how
> exactly put that into action.
> I'm thinking of using the UPDATE dayssincelogin     row and +1 to it so
> it adds 1 to all the numbers.
> But i dunno how to trigger it every 24 hours
> and for when they login i think i have an idea to UPDATE dayssincelogin

>     and just reseting it to 0.
> i just dunno how to trigger every 24 hours to make it auto increment.  
> It would be awesome if yall helped!
> thanks!
>(it would help if you wrote the script out heh i'm only a beginner.)
> matt
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