[thelist] help! client bought Photoshop!!

Paola Kathuria paola at limitless.co.uk
Fri Aug 24 21:23:01 CDT 2001

Ron_Senykoff at BEAEROSPACE.COM wrote:
> I'm trying to compile a list so huge and full of minute details that
> they'll realize that they shouldn't be responsible for the images.

I agree with the suggestion to find out what their motive is and
deal with *that* problem (e.g., turnaround time is too slow, or
they're not happy with what they're currently getting).

[pontificating warning!]

However, (if there's no meaty reason) my controversial suggestion
is to say "no".  For years I'd say "yes, but..." whenever a client 
asked "is it okay to do it *this* way...?" (when "this way" would
have meant making something unusable or inaccessible).  My
reasoning is that people hire me to get the most people to their
site and for them to have a good experience when they get there
and for the site to fulfill its goals.  It's my job to be the
web expert and to know what's best.

Anyway, this seems to be a an example of people mistaking having
a tool with having the skill to do the job.  If you bought some
accounting software, would it be okay for you to take over doing
all of the company accounts?  If you bought MS Word, do you have
all you need to write good promotional copy or if you bought a
video camera, could you now make decent TV ads?

Rather than trying to scare them off with a long list, don't
even present them with a list because that tells them that there
is a possibility (it's a "maybe"; when people really want
something, a "maybe" is as good as a "yes").  Instead say, "sure,
and here's a list of courses I've compiled so that you can learn
the basics before you can start".   You shouldn't give the
impression that the job can be quantified with a list of issues,
because web image manipulation isn't that easy.


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