[thelist] help! client bought Photoshop!!

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 25 09:47:18 CDT 2001

have you considered creating a Photoshop document with crop 
marks (guides) in place, or a pre-built mask (not a layer mask, just 
a layer with a hole in it) that allows this user to paste images in as 
new layers....?

what i'm getting at is that if you can create a Photoshop file with an 
action that crops, optimizes, and exports, you can alleviate some 
of the issues with size and settings...

if you make a handful of these, you may be able to alleviate most 
of your concerns just by letting him choose which of the templates 
is most appropriate, and let scripting take over...

scripting isn't as good as human control, but untrained human 
control can be worse...

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