[thelist] perl/CGI reference

Patrick Berry pberry at piratehaven.org
Sat Aug 25 15:45:14 CDT 2001

>>> Stan Haskins had the thought that... <<<

> Hello, all - 
> I'm a beginning-level programmer who's been goaded into doing some CGI
> development. So far, I've been lucky enough to make a few programs work
> online by cutting up freeware apps, but I guess at some point I should learn
> what I'm actually doing.
> can anyone recommend some good (online or printed) CGI/perl references for
> someone who knows very little about server-side stuff?

CGI Programming with Perl, 2nd Edition 


Hard to go wrong with an O'Reilley book.

We consistently found that after about 5 minutes of use, IE had devoured close 
to 40%cpu - on a 6cpu Sparcserver with more than 50 concurrent users, 
mathematica and oracle sessions. So we symlinked it to netscape ;) 
-- McBofh (as seen on slashdot.org)

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