[thelist] I need some db help

Mihai Croitoru misu92 at room33.com
Sat Aug 25 18:26:28 CDT 2001

First of all, i should introduce myself, My nema is Mihai Croitoru (Mike Taylor in translation), and i'm a 17-year-old boy from romania. I stardet to build webpages about 1 year ago...getting through HTML, Macromedia everything , and now i have a db project on my hands. I need to enter all the students and pupils who studied/teached in our school from it's begginnings in 1978...after doing the maths :4 fields / entry, 1600 entries/year and 23 years i came to about 150.000 total entry fields in my db. Now that isn't the problem..the problem is that i don't know what program to use for ceating the actual database, and a program to integrate it in my website (i must mention that i'm running windows 98 SE, and the webpage itself is created using Dreamweaver 4.0 trial + crack (i know... i know... but i'm only a kid and as i said i live in ROMANIA so my financial possibilities are very...very limited)). Another problem would be that i haven't figgured out how to make a hyperlink from an inserted swf in dreamweaver directly to macromedia.com...

In hope i didn't bother anyone, and the proper excuses to any macromedia employees that may have read this e-mail (for the software i use), i would like to thank everyone, and especially those of you who might able to help me..

My sincerest wishes....

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