[thelist] client bought photoshop and ...

john corry john at neoncowboy.com
Sat Aug 25 23:13:50 CDT 2001

> I'm so glad you mentioned this. Sometimes I've tried to explain to people
> who aren't involved in discussion lists the valuable information and tips
> one can learn, plus all the great friends to meet along the way.... and I
> get this "oh, I don't have time..." stuff. Geez, if they only
> realized.

Watch it...I've done that before too, only to realize, 'um, do I really
*want* my brown-nosing, uptight, corporate-whore, yes-man, navigator
3-loving, stuck-in-HTML 3, non-server-scripting, notepad-only coworker
reading my posts to this list?'

...the answer was a firm, 'no'.

Some things in life you have to want, if they're just given to you it does
no good.


<tip type="photoshop">
Want to straighten a crooked scan but you can't see the horizon/straight
line in low-res-preview once you start rotating? Use the measure tool! Just
draw a line across the horizon/straight line, select image > rotate cnvas >
arbitrary. The value you need to straighten it out should be filled in.

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