[thelist] Please Check my Site

Gary Finnigan gfinnigan at talk21.com
Sun Aug 26 12:24:32 CDT 2001

I agree about the clock. Should be sorted.
The map...I think it's kinda cool. Not EVERY thing on a site should have a
function, sometimes code for style. Personally I would have the small dots
on the map flashing...just for the hell of it!
The coloured lines are too close to the bottom of the text on the left
I would try to use a font that suggested rugged. Something a little
The centre GIF on the flash demo is pixelated. Totally degrades the rest of
Other than that I think it looks the biz.
Great work well done.
Gary Finnigan

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Subject: [thelist] Please Check my Site

> Hi:
> www.rugged.com
> Just recently published it.
> The basic graphics and layout were designed by an outside contractor.
> I inserted all the information.
> Got several problems:
> 1. Get a debugging error message on specific pages - how do i solve that
> and how can i debug (built it with dreamweaver 4)
> 2. If you go to http://www.rugged.com/products/defense/defensemain.html
> there is a list of products on the left side....
> The CEO wanted all the products that belong to that category to be
> displayed on every html page, including the product's full name.
> I was not allowed to use frames, so i built a template for these
> products. Each product has 3 html pages. Updating the template is easy,
> but every time there is a minor change, i have to publish about 150
> pages (all the pages that are attached to the template). Is there a
> solution to that?
> 3. Also, there is another problem... If the user set up his browser's
> text configuration to larger fonts, then everything gets messed up,
> especially the titles. Got any idea/suggestion?
> Criticism, good or bad is highly appreciated and so are suggestions.
> However, I was put a lot of restrictions as to what I could do with this
> site. I had put interactive menus to avoid long lists of products and
> scrolling down but it was rejected.
> Thank you so much for your help and support
> Sylvia
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