[thelist] Please Check my Site

Marc Seyon seyon at delime.com
Sun Aug 26 18:21:32 CDT 2001

I think this is probably more a corporate branding comment than website 
comment, but if you've got a company called aitech, which i'm gonna assume 
is some sort of play on AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technology, and your 
logo uses all lower case letters, is there any specific reason why the 
company name is written as Aitech, as opposed to "aitech" or "AItech"

Site comment - the three moving images - the radar and the two squares 
below the navigation seem to reduce the professional look of the site IMO. 
More the two squares than the radar.

Also, if I stretch my window too wide - wider than 1100 I'd say - the 
little black curve to the left of the black box with scrolling text 
detaches from the box and you can the yellow background between the two.

I think the date looks kinda out of place too. I guess it's supposed to be 
right aligned, but again with wider browsers, all the white space to the 
right makes it look like it's just floating. This raises the question of 
"Do customers really come to your site to find out the date?"

Maybe I'd put the 'News' above the image of the board.

Hope these comments are helpful.


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