[thelist] JS/DOM: height or bottom of a div?

Frank framar at interlog.com
Sun Aug 26 22:53:49 CDT 2001

Ladeeeees and Geeeentlmen!

Come! Stare at the slack-jawed yokel as he trips over his own lower 
lip while saying 'Duh!'. Shake your head in amaz-uh-ment as this 
thick headed half wit fails to grasp the obvious!

Well, Mark, that solution was simply too obvious, and it did the trick.


By the way, just for reference:


>>  I'm using CSS positioning for my site, and I want the
>>  footer div to sit below the content div.

>  ... there are several workarounds. The easiest is to put
>  the footer in the content div itself, and set its width
>  to 100%.

>  < div id="content"> Insert the content here
>     < div id="footer"> footer contents </div>
>  </div>

I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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