[thelist] Site Critique?

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Sep 3 02:24:31 CDT 2001

> http://www.framarstudios.com/
> No holds barred.

Hi Frank,

Just some thoughts.

 - Bland. No real strength or structure. Try a block of flat colour
somewhere? Nothing about the site really shouts at me: "We can give you a
great Web solution which will bring strong results."

 - The content seems to swim on the beige background.

 - Tip? I wouldn't try to service clients and other developers as you are.
The tip is only going to confuse your clients. Keep that on a subsite with
your CF tags.

 - "Nav"? Isn't that like prefacing each sign like: "Sign: Give way to

 - Your first intro paragraph is very waffly. Lose the state of the art
junk, and focus on the strong results. Use bullet points, bold text, or GIF
text even to emphasise your key points.

 - Keep downloads on the subsite mentioned above. A client may have no idea
of what to expect. When they see the page, they'll hardly have more of a

 - On your contact form, don't require the phone number, nor break it into
two fields. Keep first/lastname as a single "name" field. Don't clutter the
form with an address field (eliminates 5 fields). If visitors want to, they
can give an address in the comments field. Maybe change "Comments" to "Any
other information you'd like to give" or similar.

You might find my article useful:

Usable Forms (for an international audience)


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