[thelist] Office Furniture

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Mon Sep 3 07:02:07 CDT 2001

I have this page bookmarked, and I visit them every few months just to 
drool a little. Then I get back to work ;-)
They might not be practical, but that's not really ever a good reason 
not to get a new toy...


Gina K. Anderson wrote:

>Hi all,
>Moving to a house where I finally get a real office :) I
>will have three computers in the office, and I have been
>trying to find some "multiple computer" furniture. So far,
>everything I have seen holds one computer. I already have
>three desks for that ;-) I'd like to one modular type desk
>that will seat at least two people comfortably, hopefully
>three (for company ;-).
>I'm thinking I might need to go commercial, instead of the
>consumer type furniture. Does anyone have any links to
>products that might work here? I might have to build it
>myself, LOL!
>Thanks for any guidance,
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