[thelist] dhtml newbie question ....

Ed Courtenay ed at edcourtenay.co.uk
Mon Sep 3 07:34:13 CDT 2001

Are you asking about the ToolTip that appears on IE? If so, simply add the
text you want to display to the alt attribute of the img tag like:
<img src="someimage.gif" alt="A description of this image" />

Ed Courtenay

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> Evolters,
> i'm working on a new site for a customer, i use a layer (wich can be
> scrolled) where i put a series of thumbnails in, when one clicks on the
> thumbnail, a big image will appear at the top half of the page. Our client
> now wants a "descriptive popup" when one mouses over one of the thumbnails
> (something like what they used to have @ www.php.net). Our problem is that
> we've never dealt with this kinda thing before and i was wondering if you
> guys could get me started.
> i know my explanation is kinda vague but any tips at all would be welcome,
> let it all out :)
> > website url : http://www.imagine.be/secret/hori1/
> > off list email : nsg_chong at hotmail.com
> thx
> , jelle
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