[thelist] Office Furniture

the head lemur headlemur at clearskymail.com
Mon Sep 3 11:19:16 CDT 2001

> I find this hard to believe, $300.00 dollars wouldn't come close to paying
> for the material for this desk?

yep !
300 bucks
the tops are 1" PB/ poly laminate
the carcase is 3/4" pb poly 2sides
1/32nd " poly banding

drawer units are 5/8 PB and MDF
1/32nd " poly banding
comes w/lock for drawer unit

I have built 5 of these units for clients
I have never encountered mis-allignment, missing parts, or any other
problems common with mass produced furniture units..

they have one in 1/32 oak for 400 bucks too

I spent 3-1/2 years working for Meyer and Lundahl Mfg. in phoenix, the
largest Arch Millwork company in the state....running a HOLZMA Panel Saw
capable of cutting 4 sheets of 3/4" material 5 feet x 10 feet when you need
to cut large stock :)

You can explain MDF poly banding, PB and and the other buzzwords above

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