[thelist] Object can't be accessed without an active lock??

Raymond Camden jedimaster at macromedia.com
Mon Sep 3 18:12:25 CDT 2001

>   Is there something written down somewhere that defines where and when to
>   use the <cflock>. I looked around and couldn't find it. I am
> speaking for
> the

Here is an article on locking by Ben Forta:


Here is my personal philosophy:

1) If you TYPE Session, Application, or Server, you dang well better have a
CFLOCK around it.

2) If you access the file system, use a read lock to read the file and use a
exclusive lock to write/append the file. Name the lock after the file name.

3) Operations that use files, like Verity stuff, should be locked. For
example, I use a read lock named Search on my CFSEARCH tags, and I use an
exclusive lock with the same name when I update/optimize my collection.

That's basically it.

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