[thelist] stat analysis software

Isaac Forman isaac at triplezero.com.au
Mon Sep 3 20:23:19 CDT 2001


I'm looking for suggestions for an analysis package like Live Stats, etc.
I'm usually pretty happy downloading logs and running analog on them, but
would prefer to offer something "glossier" and easier to clients.

Any suggestions?

I found something that can spruce up analog reports (ReportMagic or
something like that), but has anyone tried setting both of these to run on a
remote server when called to show stats for 20-100 sites? (Platform =
NT4/CF). I have wondered if it's possible to use a combination of CF tags to
run analog with command line options to parse a specified log file, and then
run ReportMagic after that and output results to the browser. Has anyone
tried that?

None of the logs in question are likely to be outstandingly large, but we'd
obviously prefer something that didn't tie up too much CPU/RAM.



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