[thelist] Quality Code: Definitions

Frank framar at interlog.com
Tue Sep 4 00:07:55 CDT 2001

I was thinking about just what quality code is. Many people say they 
want it, others say they create it, but just what is it?

I thought that I would put together a list of things that come to my 
mind. I'd be interested in hearing your suggestions/alterations.

Quality of code can be defined by having the following attributes (in 
no particular order):

[1] Clarity: Written in such a was as to make it's function 
immediately clear to the reader.

[2] Brevity: The least amount of code to achieve the greatest desired 
effect. This is a balancing act with [1]

[3] Reusability: Specific enough to accomplish one task very well, 
general enough to be 'hooked into'.

[4] Bug free:  Each segment of code does what it should, correctly, 
and interacts with others correctly.

At a higher level, there are techniques that assist in the 
achievement of Quality Code:

[5] Secure: Code cannot be used to purposes other than designed.

[6] Flexible: Uses appropriate error prevention and trapping 
techniques to deal with unexpected events.

What are your opinions?

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