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> Correct me if I'm wrong, but the IP address isn't universal.  As soon as
> ISP customer logs off and logs back on, they have a new IP address.  I
> on my DSL at home, the IP address I connect to is different each time.
> Someone earlier mentioned e-mail addresses or accounts: those are the most
> effective at stopping most problems.  It's still "fudgable" (wasn't that a
> cookie?) but the tedium level for doing so is great enough that most who
> would otherwise try to screw with the poll won't.
> We had this problem before with one of our client's polls.  When the user
> account system was set up, the polls tied in with it and we never had
> ballot stuffing problems again (certainly nothing noticable).
> --Ben
> At 05:10 PM 7/31/2001, you wrote:
> >How about recording the IP address of the user in an array or DB and only
> >allow one vote per IP address?  The only problem I can see is that users
> >access the web page through the same firewall may all appear to have the
> >same IP address.  It depends who your target is I guess.
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