[thelist] OT:Linux-ipchains

Eric Cestari eric at ohmforce.com
Tue Sep 4 03:55:26 CDT 2001

Hi John,

I just came across a link from Linux Journal about NetFilter, the 
packet-filtering service for Linux 2.4.x . It is simple and intended for 
people wanting to set up their own home FW ;)



John Best wrote:

> Sorry about the OT post.
> All I want to do is use "ipchains" on linux to lock down my box.
> I am very new to linux..But do not wish to be open to any old monkey whilst
> I explore. So first of I am trying to get to grips with secuing it abit.
> I have closed off all the services that mandrake presumed I would want
> running.
> I used nmap to scan myself and hade a couple of open ports.
> I used ipchains to close of these ports and they now say filtered.
> I just want to mimic what zonealarm does (nobody connects to your computer
> and no responses are sent out when someone scans you)
> Does anyone have any advice? (or scripts)
> Also any quality links on linux for newbies would be appreciated.
> Cheers
> John Best#

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