[thelist] Oops-forgot my tip

John Best john.best at simplytrading.com
Tue Sep 4 04:03:16 CDT 2001

<tip type="security" author="johnboy">
If you use windows and you connect to the web use a personal firewall.
(I personally use zonealarm www.zonelabs.com)

<tip type="searching" author="johnboy">
I know this is obvious but the web can be used a source of *small*
as well as large.

People walk across the office to see if I know what a particular filename
Simply typing into google "file extensions"
and get a load of sites that list file extensions.

(can also do definition,entymologies(origins of phrases..quite funky)...etc)

<tip type="programming" author="johnboy">
This is something thats happend to me a couple of times programming in

I write a while loop and forget to "move towards termination" or for some
reason it doesn't terminate.

My computer then goes realllly slow for 2 minutes.

To help with debugging stuff like this (without risking annpying 2 min
add a counter that will definatly bring it out.

while weird_cond=true and counter < 10

simple, but quite useful.


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