[thelist] Security alert: Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability

Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns skaiser1 at skdesigns.com
Tue Sep 4 04:32:16 CDT 2001

At 09:43 AM 09/03/2001, Charles Johnson wrote:
>By the way, on another (cough) mailing list it was pointed out (correctly)
>that using the acronym CSS for this security problem may be misleading some
>Unfortunately it is being publicized as 'CSS', so be aware of that when you
>see other references to this.


Ugh. I saw this too on another (cough) mailing list. And of course I 
initially wondered what on earth was going on when I saw that subject. I 
was relieved to actually read the note and see that the CSS reference 
referred to something else entirely.

I also subscribe to a different design list with a fair number of newbie 
designers, and I can just see the you-know-what flying comments about yet 
another reason not to use 'CSS.'  Ugh.....<shaking head>

Geez, CSS totally changed how I design sites and makes life so much easier, 
even if it has its own little set of stuff to deal with..... still worlds 
apart from how I used to build sites. I still maintain a couple of sites 
that I built 3 years ago where the clients don't want to pay me to upgrade 
the markup. I'm tempted to do it for free since it drives me nuts <chuckle> 
with all the font tags and extra work involved.


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