[thelist] Jscript vs. N4.7

Joe Crawford joe at artlung.com
Tue Sep 4 09:25:28 CDT 2001

on 9/4/2001 6:14 AM, George Palframan at george at themidwestgroup.com wrote:

> Thanks for the advice Richard,
> I wasn't aware of that <div> thing.
> I have found what was upsetting 4.7. It doesn't support swopping properties
> of the <a> tag:
> eg.
> atag.href = swopURL[image]
> atag.target = swopTarget[image]
> where atag is the name of the <a> tag.

This is why for doing that I've always used it like this:


where x is the number of the link on the page (starting with 0, of course,
so the 5th link on the page (as counted in the source of the page) would be:


And you can set it to whatever you want it to.


The issue is that when you give a /name/ to an /href/ I think it wonders
which you want - an anchor, or an anchor target.

I have a silly sample of changing every link on a page here:



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