[thelist] Unfinished but live, site critique please...

Olly Hodgson gnarly at punkass.com
Tue Sep 4 10:15:44 CDT 2001

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From: "J. Blanchard" <jay.blanchard at thermon.com>
Subject: [thelist] Unfinished but live, site critique please...

> http://www.thermon.com
> Hit me with your best shot, I look forward to it!

I like it overall - suits [my stereotype of] the target audience.

I expected the national flags on the front page to take me to a regional
site or change the language - perhaps a bit misleading. I also kept trying
to click on that repeated "The heat tracing specialists" text - perhaps that
could be made to look less like a button? Or maybe its just me being
weird[1]. And IMHO once you get a couple of levels into the site, it would
be cool if clicking on the Thermon logo took you back to the front page.

- www.gnarly.f2s.com -

[1] Not a very unusual occurrence.

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