[thelist] Unfinished but live, site critique please...

J. Blanchard jay.blanchard at thermon.com
Tue Sep 4 11:26:33 CDT 2001

Excellent comments by all...

On the flags, you're all right (part of the unfinished bit), these will link to info specifically about our offices in those locations in English first. We are embarking on a multi-step globalization/localization project, starting with spec sheets (the most important part here) and then moving to web based components of the site.

Does anyone have suggestions for "The Heat Tracing Specialist" looks-like-a-button" thingie? I am kinda' brain fried...actually could use some sleep....

On the image rollover, I can do that...I sprinkle some ECMAScript before the end of the week. Kristina can you shoot me that screenshot in N4.7?

On the page (there will be others because of width issues at smaller resolutions and the type of stuff displayed) where left hand nav gets moved to bottom of page should I a.) copy this nav to top of page as well? or 2.)Move it to the top of the page?

Lemur...points well made...we are specifically working on those issues...

Thanks all!

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