[thelist] Re: OT:Linux-ipchains

Kevin Martin evolt at brasscannon.net
Tue Sep 4 14:11:48 CDT 2001

John Best <john.best at simplytrading.com> wrote:
> All I want to do is use "ipchains" on linux to lock down my box.

Two suggestions -- the current issue of Linux Journal magazine, now
on the stands, is a "security" issue and every article is a keeper.

(To get the "nothing here" effect that ZoneAlarm creates, I believe you 
need to use "DENY" instead of "REJECT" in your rule set.  Maybe vice 

Second, there is a package called Bastille Linux which is basically
a perl script to secure a machine in all sorts of ways, including
ipchains rules - it's perfect for you, because it assumes Mandrake
as the base system.

> Also any quality links on linux for newbies would be appreciated.

I've gotten a few pats on the back for my pages at handsonhowto.com
- someday I may even get around to applying CSS and some of the 
other cool stuff I'm learning here. :-)

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