[thelist] SQL - Foreign Key Constraint - in another database?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Sep 4 15:14:44 CDT 2001

i tried to stay out of this, really i did...

>select some fields from the table of employees
>select some fields from the employee table
>select some fields from the employees table
>1 flows ok.
>2 flows ok.
>3 sounds wrong to me.

4         select  some columns  from  employees

columns, not fields

columns reminds you that the result set is a table

a plural table name also suggests that the result set 
consists of multiple rows and always always always
to remember your join condition to prevent a cross join

yes, i know there's only one table in the example above --
a one-table join is a special case, nyuk nyuk   ;o)

> CATEGORYS is a misspelling? Would it interest you to know that 
> the evolt database, designed partly/mostly(?) by rudy has a table 
> named CATEGORYS?

yeah, i was plenty surprised too, when i found it that way 

it's six of one, a half dozen of the other, whether the table name
is singular, plural, spelled correctly, or even relevant...

no wait, that'd be a two-four, wouldn't it....

The INSERT ... VALUES form with multiple value lists is 
supported in MySQL Version 3.22.5 or later -- for example,

   insert into categorys
     ( catid
     , catname
     , catactive)
  values ( 501, 'foo', 1)
            , ( 502, 'bar', 1)
            , ( 503, 'qux', 1)
            , ( 504, 'ack', 0)



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