[thelist] <input type="radio"...behaving strangely...

john corry john at neoncowboy.com
Tue Sep 4 15:55:11 CDT 2001


A closer look at my code revealed missing '=' symbols from the
'...name="prop_active"..'. Sorry 'bout that <blush>

<tip type="phpMyAdmin">
I added a host to my config.inc.php file and was thrilled to discover this

I am now running a copy of phpMyAdmin on localhost that allows me to either
admin MySQL running on localhost...or (and this is where it gets cool!)
MySQL running on a remote server in New Mexico!!! Isn't that cool!? So...I
guess that means you can set up phpMyAdmin once, and use that one copy
(running either remotely or locally) to run many databases...

the amazing things that may be gleaned from simply readign the documentation


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