[thelist] Jscript vs. N4.7

Lea leaevolt at viking.org.au
Tue Sep 4 19:32:57 CDT 2001

Wednesday, September 05, 2001, 8:53:18 AM, Joe Crawford wrote:
> Works fine in my Opera 5.0 WinNT.

> It should change all the links to linkt to http://websandiego.org/ if
> functioning correctly. Which it does for me.

Oh dear - I didnt actually mouseover - I expected the text to change
as well as the link <blush>
Yes, it does indeed work in Opera 5.11/win2k

Now I owe a tip... dont listen to me? Ummm, maybe not... ummm...

<tip type="use of php" Author="Lea Levy">

if you have access to a server side language like php (or vbscript), you
can use it to make your entire site configurable in a more flexible
manner than using SSIs, by writing a function to write the dtd, a
function to write the style sheet links, a function to write the
body-tag attributes, etc.
About the only thing it doesnt make simpler is the SE-friendly meta
tags, as they mostly need to be page-specific


Lea Levy
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Elysian Systems ~~ "Web Consulting, Development, Review"

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