[thelist] design critique

Lindsay Evans lindsay at redsquare.com.au
Tue Sep 4 21:20:21 CDT 2001

Howdy fellow listees,

Time for a design critique:


IE5+, NS6+ (CSS2, DOM1, etc.) only, other browsers will get plain old html
(still to come)

I *think* that it is the latest version that works properly on Mac IE5, if
not, then I'll re-upload later

Things to do:

 - convert all images to png
 - maybe add a logo type thingy to the top lhs corner (I'm thinking a
thumbprint in the same colour as the 2px
   keyline running behind the header graphic)
 - maybe change the colour of the rollover state of the menu items

 Lindsay Evans.
 Production Artist/Coder,
 Red Square Productions.

 vox: 8596.4000
 fax: 8596.4001
 web: www.redsquare.com.au

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