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Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Tue Sep 4 21:54:10 CDT 2001

a couple people suggested people on thelist may be interested in the 
stats for evolt, so here ya go. if you have feelings either way on the 
subject, let me know :)


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August stats for the evolt.org sites are in:

1.2 Million 'hits'
500K page views(first time over half a mil!!)
77.5K distinct hosts served
51Gb data transferred(another first!)
17K page views per day

of interest:

the 500K page view total may be a bit low. apparently, analog doesn't
count 404's as page views. due to our URL scheme, apache writes every
viewed article to the error log, hence, none of the articles get counted
for anything. this sucks, but if we assume 1 in 5(a low estimate IMO) of
the 147,838 'Failed requests' were actually page views, we can figure
another 29K or so page views that aren't getting reported. although if
we said that every time isaac.css (the main stylesheet) got pulled up,
we'd have 45K page views that aren't being reported.

not a huge thing, but some people have asked me privatly why articles
don't show up in the stats at times.. if there's a budding statistical
analyst in the crowd and would like to do some plotting for us, lemme
know :)

google, 'dynamicdrive', altavista, my digital-web article, and martin's
new york pictures round out the top 5 referers for the month

'admins' held 3 of the top 5 positions for hits on m.e.o again(jeff, me,
david(the 'veritas' account has been inactive since week 1 aug))

i cut off the logs around midnight on the 30th, because i was taking off
for the weekend(yes i roll them manually :), which gives us one less day
to work with, but that extra day will be reflected in next months stats.

lastly, we had a kick ass month for content on w.e.o - very high quality
articles are leading to more referers from other web forums, etc. IMO,
the best month we've ever had in terms of quality and quanity.. although
september *is* shaping up pretty nice as well

nice job and a big thanks to all the authors that contribute their
content, time and energy :)


as always, feel free to shout if there are questions or comments


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