[thelist] Netscape 4.7 table drawing

Steve Cook steve.cook at evitbe.com
Wed Sep 5 04:09:03 CDT 2001

Hi folks!

I've just been working on a page of our site that has, if I'm honest, way
too many embedded tables for its own good. However it's the design we're
using at the moment, so it's gonna have to stay that way for the moment! The
problem is that in Netscape 4.7 several of our pages take ages to draw. I'm
getting times of up to 20, 30 seconds for a single page.

What tips do folks have for reducing drawing times for Netscape 4? I've
checked that all images have width and height, but apart from that I'm open
to any suggestions (apart from reducing the number of tables which, sadly,
is not an option at present.



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