[thelist] Netscape 4.7 table drawing

david braun david.braun at centralnet.ch
Wed Sep 5 08:00:40 CDT 2001

[ 05.09.2001 - 13:36 Uhr ]
Steve Cook was writing:

> Excellent help from both posters.
> I feel almost embarrassed by posting that code ;-) I love the look of our
> layout, but it's a nightmare to work with. The one good thing about it is
> that when we get the time to redesign, we'll be able to apply a new design
> to the whole site in one go thanks to some careful templating.
> I kinda doubt that I'll be able to really solve the problem in Netscape, but
> I'll be doing all I can to reduce the problem.

I wanted to see if I'd get a clue on the source. wow. BBEdit returned
loads of errors that can be adressed by using CSS. Wich will also trim
down your overall page-size and improve maintainability, btw

I bet you'll be doing fine. (My guess is that 'finishing' the tables
code will mostly do it...)

And the design _is_ fine - really like it

good luck ; )

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