[thelist] SSI: tip & question

Joe Crawford joe at artlung.com
Wed Sep 5 09:27:12 CDT 2001

on 9/5/2001 6:56 AM, Mike DeHart at mike at dehart.net wrote:
> Totally makes sense, and that's what I'd initially planned. I'd actually
> only need custom .htaccess files since I want to redirect to an existing
> file. But there are a half dozen newbies publishing & I'd like them to not
> have to create an .htaccess file every time they create a new directory.
> Hence the desire for simple complexity.
> ;+)

Well, the .htaccess properties will propagate downward. So if you have a
"users" or "newbies" directory when you make new directories for the kids
it'll work in child directories. 'Tis the nature of .htaccess.

> Good to hear from you, Joe. Not sure if we've talked since the Webmonster
> days!

I thought that name looked familiar. You new to the wondrous and glorious
evolt.org? I've been bumming around here for a long time now - probably
would be hard to miss me. ;-)

    - Joe
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