[thelist] form id instead of name?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Sep 5 10:01:39 CDT 2001

>And that, is pretty nifty!

wow, thanks for the indepth analysis joe

(are you sure you have a day job?)

i am, in my usual inimitable fashion, going to opt for the simple solution

  <form  name="theform" ...

yes, this is not valid in xhtml strict

i have a link at the bottom of each of my pages that sends the page to the
w3 validator

this error will stick out, should anybody even bother to run my form page
through the validator

even more unlikely, should that someone then contact me with a message such
as "by the way, dude, you have an error on your form page" i shall take
great delight in pointing them to this thread in our archives

again, thanks for the digging, joe


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