[thelist] Mac NN 4.5 (4.05?)

david braun david.braun at centralnet.ch
Wed Sep 5 11:18:07 CDT 2001

[27.07.2001 - 15:06 Uhr]
Sam-I-Am wrote:

> In my Mac-ish ignorance can anyone tell me to what extent I can expect
> these 2 versions to be truly distinct.. I mean will each install
> overwrite shared files, or is it fully self contained? Does the mac
> (os9) have an equivalent to the registry? 
> (I'd like to install 4.0 and up, but this would be a pointless exercise
> if for example the actual browser component was overwritten with each
> install. )

On the Mac, you can throw everything of it in its own folder inside the
applications folder, thus making it completely self-contained. (the only
thing I see in the systems preferences folder is a "netscape registry",
all preferences, cache, bookmarks etc. reside elsewhere...

This allos you to run any version of NS on the same machine (though not
at the same time)



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